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T-shirt of the Day Award for Pop Goes the Weasel Day!

14 Jun

Half a pound of tuppenny rice
Half a pound of treacle
That’s the way the money goes
Pop! goes the weasel

“Eagles may soar, but weasels don’t get sucked into jet engines!”
LOL Teez

Who is the weasel, and why does he pop? In London’s textile industry in the 1600s, “a spinner’s weasel was a mechanical thread-measuring device in the shape of a spoked wheel, that accurately measured out yarn by making a popping sound to indicate the correct length had been reached. The mind-numbing and repetitive nature of the work is captured in the final line of each verse, indicating that whatever you were doing, or wherever your mind had wandered to, reality was never far away with the weasel to pop you alert again.” Read more

T-shirts of Honorable Mention for Pop Goes the Weasel Day:
Raised By Weasels shirt
Raised By Weasels by GodfreyTemple

Pocket Weasel T-Shirt shirt
Pocket Weasel T-Shirt by Mustel

Weasel T-Shirt shirt
Weasel T-Shirt by WildlifeInk

I Love Weasels shirt
I Love Weasels by tshirtshirts

See you in a funny tee!


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