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T-Shirt of the Day Award for Barbershop Music Appreciation Day

13 Jul

July 13, 1945, was the birthdate of the Sweet Adelines, a female barbershop quartet. A group of ladies in Tulsa, Oklahoma, led by Edna Mae Anderson, got together to sing some barbershop. They were all wives to men who were in the Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barber Shop Quartet Singing in America, and the Sweet Adelines were born, now an international singing group with thousands of members worldwide.

Here is one of my favorite barbershop quartets, the Acoustix, singing John Phillips Sousa’s famous march, Stars and Stripes Forever. Yes, it actually does have lyrics, and I promise you’ll love them!

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I’ll see you in a funny t-shirt!

Stars & Stripes

T-Shirt of the Day Award for Dick Clark’s First American Bandstand Appearance!

9 Jul

Date July 9, 1956: Dick Clark hosts American Bandstand for the very first time! American Bandstand was all about the music and dance, and here are some great music and dance t-shirts!

I’ll see you in a funny t-shirt!