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T-Shirt of the Day Award for National Mole Day!

23 Oct

From 6:02 am to 6:02 pm, today is National Mole Day.

No, not “moles” like the cute little blind animals that dig up your yard … this is a day for chemistry geeks to celebrate Avogadro’s number, a basic unit of measurement that equals the weight of a single atom, measured in grams, which is 6.02 x 10^23. Hence celebrating on 10/23 at 6:02. Whatever … it’s still National Mole Day, so you can choose whether to wear a Mole Day shirt for chemistry geeks or some of the cute little animal moles here!

Remember if you click on any t-shirt, you can choose the style, color, and size you want, for infants to adults!

I’ll see you in a funny t-shirt!