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T-shirt of the Day Award for Paul Bunyan Day!

28 Jun

Stories about Paul Bunyan, the giant lumberjack with his blue ox, Babe, have been around since the 1830s. Today is his day!

The legend of Paul Bunyan may have actually originated in Canada – in fact, “Bonyenne” is a colloquial French-Canadian expression of astonishment the approximate equivalent of “good grief” or “my goodness” – but he was quickly adopted into American folklore, where tales of his prowess continued to grow. His stories were not written down until nearly a century after they began circulating, starting in 1910 by U.S. journalist James MacGillivray.

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History of Paul Bunyan
Paul Bunyan stories and legends

Disney’s American Legends
(1958) on DVD
(Stories of Paul Bunyan, Johnny Appleseed, John Henry, The Brave Engineer)

Paul Bunyan
20th Anniversary Edition (A Reading Rainbow Book)
by Steven Kellogg


T-Shirt of the Day Award for the Happy Birthday Song!

27 Jun

Today is the anniversary of the first time “Happy Birthday” was sung!

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History of the Happy Birthday Song

T-shirt of the Day Award for Dare Day!

1 Jun

Dare Day? What’s that? Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like: a day to dare! Dare a friend to do something – and don’t forget to challenge yourself to dare something as well! There are lots of great, daring t-shirts out there. Let’s start with the greatest daredevil of them all …

The origins of Dare Day are somewhat obscure. There is a Dare County in England that celebrates Dare Day on the first Saturday in June, and this may be the origin of the holiday. More recently, D.A.R.E. refers to the Drug Abuse Resistance Education program, but that’s not quite the same thing (and anyway, it has a separate day of its own in April). Either way, remember to double dog dare someone to do something today – even if it is yourself!

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