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T-Shirt of the Day Award for Housewives’ Day!

3 Nov

Housewife Day, or Retro Housewife Day, is a day to … well, to celebrate housewives! Break out the funny t-shirts!

Housewife derives, not surprisingly, from the words “house” and “wife” put together. Did you know “husband” has the same etymology? “Hus” is “house,” and “band” is from “bondi” which meant dweller, or one who is “bound” to a house. Interestingly, “hussy” was originally a shortening of “housewife” which at first meant any woman, then changed to mean an improperly behaved woman. Speaking of housewively word origins, do you remember who coined (or at least popularized) the phrase “domestic goddess?”

Honorable Mention T-shirts for Housewives’ Day
Domestic Goddess T-Shirt shirt
Domestic Goddess T-Shirt by WaywardMuse

Retro HouseWife t shirt shirt
You’ll Eat It and You’ll Like It Shirt by Whatsbuzzin

Hot Housewife shirt
Hot Housewife by CelebrationZazzle


Real Housewife shirt
Real Housewife by katnpaste

domestic engineer shirt
domestic engineer by JenCainTX

Stressed is Desserts Backwards shirt
Stressed is Desserts Backwards by kellycrewrizzo

Retro Housewife Insult t shirt shirt
Retro Housewife Insult t shirt by Whatsbuzzin

Now, where is my Xanax? shirt
Now, where is my Xanax? by missiongirl0905

housewife baking cooking kitchen bitch shirt
housewife baking cooking kitchen bitch by CookingClipArt

Kiss Me I'm a HOUSEWIFE shirt
Kiss Me I’m a HOUSEWIFE by jobshirt

Domestic Goddess shirt
Domestic Goddess by vibrance

T-shirt Nighty shirt
T-shirt Nighty by DarlaShine

tshirt-drunk pills shirt
tshirt-drunk pills by bluntcard

Breakfast in Bed shirt
Breakfast in Bed by TotallyRetro

As a housewife, i feel ... shirt
As a housewife, i feel … by thebootique

Housework is for suckers. shirt
Housework is for suckers. by el_greer
Domestic Diva Cabaret shirt
Domestic Diva Cabaret by TheFamousStacie

Poison Housewife shirt
Poison Housewife by poisoncupcake

Feminist Housewife Not an oxymoron with image shirt
Feminist Housewife Not an oxymoron with image by feministhousewives

Psychotic Housewife shirt
Psychotic Housewife by insanitywear

Off Duty Housewife (Pink) shirt
Off Duty Housewife (Pink) by CelebrationZazzle

See more housewife t-shirts. Remember if you click on any t-shirt, you can choose the style, color, and size you want, for infants to adults!

I’ll see you in a funny t-shirt!

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