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T-shirts for June’s Bride and Groom!

2 Jun

It’s June, the traditional month for weddings! While t-shirts may not be traditional wedding attire, they can make the whole process a lot more fun, as you’ll see!

Why is June traditional for weddings? June as the month for weddings dates back hundreds, even thousands, of years. There is an urban legend (if it’s that old, can we call it an urban legend?) that it started because medieval folks mured up in their castles came out and took their yearly baths in May, and still smelled pretty good by June. Uh, no. For one, the tradition predates the Middle Ages. In fact, it goes back at least to the Romans and likely before that. June was the month sacred to Juno, goddess of weddings and marriage. But are weddings in June because that is Juno’s month, or was Juno given June because weddings were practical then? I think the latter. After a hard winter, people can get out and travel to weddings, and still get home to take care of the crops before harvest. Seems like a pretty practical matter to me. But don’t discount the romantic aspect of June: what bride doesn’t want to be surrounded by beautiful weather and lovely flowers?

See you in a funny tee!