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T-shirt of the Day Award for Best Friend Day!

8 Jun

Grab a funny t-shirt to celebrate your best friend – and don’t forget to get one for your best friend too!

The origin of Best Friend Day is a mystery, but why we celebrate it isn’t! Best friends are some of the most celebratable things in the world! Send a card or give a call to your best friend today to say “thank you for being my friend!”

T-shirts of Honorable Mention for Best Friend Day:
Online Friends T-Shirts shirt
This one is in honor of my online BFFs. You know who you are.
Online Friends T-Shirts by ironydesigns

BFF, cookie and milk shirt
BFF, cookie and milk by jamierushad

Best friends stick figure shirt
Best friends stick figure by Dustbuster

Best Friends shirt
Best Friends by ironydesign

Best Friends Forever Tee shirt
Best Friends Forever Tee by imagefactory

Some of my best friends are Fictional Characters shirt
Some of my best friends are Fictional Characters by ChiefMelee

Zombie Chase (two sided shirt) shirt
(Front of shirt reads: “You’re a great friend.”)
Zombie Chase (two sided shirt) by tricksterdesigns

Friends shirt
Friends by kathrine1

See you in a funny tee!

I love my crazy friends. button
I love my crazy friends. by FaireFanatic