LOL Originalz!

Check here for what’s in store at LOL Teez, with several original stores on Zazzle and CafePress to serve you better! Remember, you can customize your favorite design by choosing your favorite shirt or color from dozens of t-shirts and tote bags, hats and hoodies, and lots more gear for kids, teens, adults, and the whole family – so start looking now for your new favorite funny t-shirt!

funny t-shirts | funny tees
Funny, silly, quirky, offbeat, whimsical, absurd, or just plain humorous – whatever strikes your fancy or funny bone, you’ll find something you like at LOL Teez’s This ‘n’ That Shop. We have dozens of unique, original designs to tickle your risibilities! Remember: it’s funny if YOU think it is!

my inner child funny t-shirts
Existential outerwear for you and your inner child! LOL Teez’s My Inner Child Shop is filled with funny t-shirts riffing on the image of an inner child. And these navel-gazing tees make great gift ideas for your friends in the psychiatric professions, too!

twilight fan gear | twilight fan merchandise | twilight t-shirts
Get your favorite authorized fan gear designs at LOL Teez’s Twilight Store! Almost three dozen Twilight designs by LOL Teez that you won’t see anywhere else! Don’t miss “Holy Crow!” and “Team Charlie” (complete with a pictured shotgun). Fans of Bella, Edward, Jake, Charlie, and all of the Forks gang will find what they are looking for here. (In compliance with the Twilight portal rules at CafePress.)

scrubs fan gear | scrubs t-shirts | dr cox t-shirts
I’m no Superman! Who doesn’t love J.D., Turk, Elliot, Carla, Dr. Cox, and the whole Scrubs gang at Sacred Heart? Find your favorite Dr. Cox rants and musings from J.D. here at LOL Teez’s Scrubs Gift Shop! (In compliance with the Scrubs portal rules at CafePress.)

homeschool t-shirts, homeschool tees, funny homeschool t-shirts, unschooling t-shirts, unschool tees
A little humor can help you let the world know that you homeschool … and why. Check out LOL Teez’s Homeschool Shop for t-shirts and gift items for every homeschooler and unschooler on your gift list!

Do you love to read, write, draw, or paint? LOL Teez’s The Three Rs has special gear for readers, writers, and artists on t-shirts, book bags, and library reminder magnets and buttons!

Do you like real milk … and real food? Are you a carnivore extraordinaire? Cheese, butter, meat, raw milk? You’ll find what you’re looking for at Real Milk!

LOL Teez’s The ARTery carries fine art masterpieces and modern graphic designs on t-shirts, Keds tennis shoes, stationery sets, postage stamps, and gift items.

LOL Teez’s Haboob! is filled with t-shirts, necklaces, hats, and more memorabilia commemorating the giant dust storm that swallowed Phoenix in July 2011. It wasn’t fun to live through, but it will be fun to wear the t-shirt!


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