T-Shirt of the Day Award in Memory of General Burnside

13 Sep

Mustaches and goatees and beards, oh my! Herewith, a collection of t-shirts to celebrate the facially hirsute.

Union General Ambrose Burnside (pictured below) died on September 13, 1881. Burnside had such amazingly prolific and distinctive side whiskers that the word “sideburns” was derived from his name.


i mustache you a question shirt
i mustache you a question by kerrinsellstshirts

I Love Beards Shirt shirt
I Love Beards Shirt by gothamjedi

Mustacheology: the Shirt shirt
Mustacheology: the Shirt by klsanders

Beards Rule shirt
Beards Rule by someofthedharma

Hairy Mnstr* shirt
Hairy Mnstr* by zupiitees

Bad guys always have mustaches shirt
Bad guys always have mustaches by KellyNino

i love mustache shirt
i love mustache by Tomaniac

FEAR THE BEARD! by Sports_Spectaculars
Bearded Men shirt
Bearded Men by BeardedLady

Vintage Bushy Beard, Beards Rock! shirt
Vintage Bushy Beard, Beards Rock! by oldiesbutgoodies

Real Men Have Beards shirt
Real Men Have Beards by Tilapia2006

Respect the Mustache T-Shirt shirt
Respect the Mustache T-Shirt by OfficeGangsta

Fear The Beard shirt
Fear The Beard by esbjrlive

mustache love shirt
mustache love by Tomaniac

i believe in beards shirt
i believe in beards by believe_in
Beards! shirt
Beards! by jjzapman

Grow A Beard! shirt
Grow A Beard! by Thomassonic

IT'S NOT A BEARD, it's a flavor saver shirt
IT’S NOT A BEARD, it’s a flavor saver by poopyloo

Musketeer shirt
Musketeer by World_of_Beards

Milk Mustaches shirt
Milk Mustaches by Detourdesignables

Mustache T-Shirt shirt
Mustache T-Shirt by toxiferous

Beards shirt
Beards by clothing

By the Beard of Zeus! shirt
By the Beard of Zeus! by NineTen

The Wonderful World of Mustaches Shirt shirt
The Wonderful World of Mustaches Shirt by OfficeGangsta

Gentleman's Handlebar Moustache shirt
Gentleman’s Handlebar Moustache by Terraformdesign

See more beard t-shirts and mustache t-shirts! Remember if you click on any t-shirt, you can choose the style, color, and size you want, for infants to adults!

I’ll see you in a funny t-shirt!


2 Responses to “T-Shirt of the Day Award in Memory of General Burnside”

  1. Phill Lane September 16, 2010 at 12:56 pm #

    Great page, will have to purchase some to overcome the imminent loss of the real thing.

    After more than a year not touching a hair on my head, I’ve invited everyone I know and everyone they know to submit ideas for how to shape/shave my beard and hair – anything goes.

    More than 80 ideas from nearly 1,000 people have been shortlisted to five and these are now online for people to vote and donate.

    Whatever they vote for, I have to go through with…

    So have a look: http://phillsface.wordpress.com

    Voting starts today, stays open for two weeks and the final cut will be on October 1st.

    It’s for a homeless charity in London, Centerpoint.

  2. hmm...? October 12, 2010 at 11:26 pm #


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