T-shirt of the Day Award for National Kitchen Klutz Day!

13 Jun

Okay, you know who you are. You drop the dishes, spill the spaghetti, and mutilate the meat. Kitchen klutzes of the world, this is YOUR day to celebrate!

There’s no information about why we celebrate Kitchen Klutz day, but don’t let that stop you! How can you celebrate being a kitchen klutz? Take that broken china and smash it up a bit more, then glue the pieces to a plain wooden picture frame, around a mirror, or onto a flowerpot. Voila! An accessory to match your kitchen decor … until it goes the way of its predecessor, at least.

Add your creative ideas for celebrating Kitchen Klutz day below for your klutzy komrades-in-kitchens, or just tell us your best klutzy moment in the kitchen. Guess what happens when you drop an half-full, open jar of mayonnaise upright into the trash? The impact on the bottom of the jar causes the mayonnaise to SHOOT upward out of the jar so that it can hit even a 13-foot ceiling with a bull’s eye! (Now guess how I know that …)

See you in a funny tee!

QUICK LINKS: For Kitchen Klutzes
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