T-shirt of the Day Award for National Juggling Day!

13 Jun

Juggling – jobs, kids, appointments – can be stressful. Watching a juggler is much more fun! Celebrate juggling today instead of stressing about it!

LOL Teez

I looked at a bunch of juggling videos for you,
and this is one of the most amazing I saw!

T-shirts of Honorable Mention for National Juggling Day:
Peace Love Juggling shirt
Peace Love Juggling by 1000suns

Colorful Juggling shirt
Colorful Juggling by busybees

World Record: 16 balls between two jugglers

I love Juggling heart custom personalized shirt
I love Juggling heart custom personalized by funnycustomtshirts

Hooray, Cat Juggling! shirt
Hooray, Cat Juggling! by MacFaux

This one is amazing too, but it’s not the tricks,
it’s the absolutely perfect timing!

Juggle Juggling Juggler Evolution shirt
Juggle Juggling Juggler Evolution by evolveshop

Eat Sleep Juggle shirt
Eat Sleep Juggle by JugglerU

More seriously cool juggling tricks!

No Juggling Highway Sign shirt
No Juggling Highway Sign by wesleyowns

See you in a funny tee!

QUICK LINKS: More About Juggling
Juggling Hall of Fame
International Jugglers Association
How to Juggle:

Juggling Combo Pack

Each unit includes: Fun, instructional CD-Rom with music, video, tutorial, and more, plus three scarves and three balls .


2 Responses to “T-shirt of the Day Award for National Juggling Day!”

  1. Joan Adams June 13, 2010 at 4:30 pm #

    National Juggling Day — who knew? Delightful shirts and videos. Now we need a shirt for juggling all our work!

  2. knotthejuggler January 17, 2011 at 3:11 am #

    Great to see you, have a look at some more juggling at http://www.knotthejuggler.wordpress.com and feel free to use any of the video you find at http://www.youtube.com/knotthejuggler if you so desire…

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