Mother’s Day is Coming! Need a Great T-Shirt?

16 Apr

Great Mother’s Day shirts! Give your mom one of these fabulous, funny, comfy t-shirts for her special day!

It’s good to have a secure philosophy of parenting: “Being a good mom sometimes means ya gotta take one for the team – like eating the last two cookies because you have three kids!”

It’s also good to have a firm philosophy of life: “I don’t expect to have everything handed to me … just set it down anywhere!”

Remind the husband and kids how much they really need you: “Wife ~ Mother ~ Item Location Specialist”

Another of those life philosophy thingies: “You can never please everyone, but pissing them all off at once is a breeze!”

Be proud of exactly who you are! “Middle Classy”

Celebrate the life you live: “The Mug Life”

For all you polite Southern moms out there: “None of your biscuits, so butter out!”

Sometimes moms just need a do-over: “I think I may have seized the wrong day …”

Let’s not forget homeschool moms need celebrating as well! “Homeschool … because it’s easier than getting them ready for the bus.”

I’ll see you in a funny tee shirt!


Nautical Themed Funny Tees

8 Apr

Nautical t shirts are fun to wear to the beach or when you’re vacationing at your beach house.  It would be fun to wear them on a cruise! Wear them sailing too!  Nautical shirts make fun gifts for your favorite sailor or sea captain.  Check out these tees with humorous, and maybe slightly naughty, nautical sayings such as “Ship Happens.”  You know the saying, only this is a nicer way to say it!

Talk Nautical To Me BabyTalk Nautical To Me Baby

Funny Nautical T-Shirts

Ship Happens TeeShip Happens TeeYou Float My BoatYou Float My BoatI Don't Give A ShipI Don’t Give A ShipKeep Your Ship TogetherKeep Your Ship TogetherOld Man with SailboatOld Man with Sailboat

Fun Homeschool Socialization Tees!

4 Apr

Every homeschooler knows the frustration of hearing the dreaded “S” question over and over … “but what about SOCIALIZATION?” Deflect it before it’s even asked with these humorous twists on the issue.

Funny t-shirts for homeschooling and unschooling families!